Dream Now Visit Later

While Highland Club Scotland, Fort Augustus and the rest of Scotland are on lockdown, you can still dream now, visit later to the beautiful Abbey we call home.

Many of our guests have re-scheduled their plans to stay with us until later this year or until 2021. We support this by encouraging everyone to contact us if you are unable to visit due to the travel restrictions. We will do our best to help! Dream now, visit later.

Additonally, to help you with your plans and keep your focus on what we are sure is a well deserved break, we have some enjoyable walks for you. These are all within easy reach of Highland Club Scotland.

On a recent trip to Rome, someone told me to eat and drink where the locals go. A valuable piece of advice indeed. So, I advise you to to do the same with walking and hiking during your stay. That way, you can be assured of at least a pleasurable time during your wander. Or as we sometimes say in Scotland, yer wee donder doon the road!

These are just a few of the walks available, but for more Walk Highlands is an excellent site with great hints, tips and information.

Ardachy Road

A particular favourite of mine is Ardachy Road. Easy to reach but take some water with you. And a camera, because you’ll want to take some shots particularly near the end of the route.Don’t be surprised to meet some locals on this one and you’ll likely hear some local lingo in the form of a friendly hello.

Turning left out the Abbey Gates and making your way South, over a narrow bridge which passes over the River Tarff, you’ll soon reach the Loch Ness Trail, or 360 Trail as it is now commonly called. Occassionaly, especially during lambing season, this first field is populated with sheep and lambs. Through one gate and turn right at the next gate, you are now on General Wade’s Road.

Some new friends during lambing season
Some new friends during lambing season

General Wade’s Road was built by the British Army after Culloden to allow easy access between Fort George, Fort Augustus and Fort William.

Turning first right will set you off the main road and onto a farm access road. This is a short, sheltered part of the walk and you’ll see plenty of greenery in the fields and trees alike. Passing some private houses, you turn right at the end of the walk and you reach Ardachy Bridge, again going over the River Tarff.

Although this is on a road, its a good opportunity to have a “wee bit gander doon the water”. The River Tarff is windy and bendy so difficult to follow but the sound of the running water is calming.

Next is a short and steep climb, at the top you’ll find a sign for Lady Falls but you’ll turn right here and left at the makeshift scarecrow. This will take you down to the Fort Augustus graveyard. The adventurous can climb over the wall into the graveyard or you can use the gate and go round the perimeter.

Again, you’ll find the River Tarff “doon” the road and follow the road to the main road A82. Turn right and make your way back to the Abbey. Or of course, stop at the Bothy or the Richmond House Hotel for a drink or some lunch. You’ll have been through so many different walking environments, you’re appetite will be encouraging!

Usually, takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Ardachy Bridge
Ardachy Bridge

Caledonian Canal Walks

Another popular walk and really good for runners as the ground is a bit softer.

To reach this one, you take the path to the village, cross the road and walk straight up the canal side passing stores and bars on the left.

You can take in the sights of the canal gates, currently being replaced by Scottish Canals. Often, there are boats and kayakers cruising both directions. You’ll find many like to offer a wave and a smile.

The path is over 2 meters wide so handy for social distancing while close enough for a greeting to locals and fellow holidaymakers and explorers.

You pass the golf course on your left, and from here you can look to your right and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Great Glen. When you reach the gate, turn round and come back again. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a drink at the Loch Inn, or a cake and coffee at Cobbs’ Cafe. Or a wee cone at the ice cream shop!

This one is around 3km and mostly flat.

Across to the other side of the canal, this path will take you to Kytra and beyond, around 4 miles by the time you get back to the village. Popular with locals and with cyclists because you can go all the way to Bridge of Oich.

On the way home, you can stop for lunch or a coffee or tea at the Caledonian Canal Centre. If you time it correctly, you’ll see the canal gates opening to allow the boats through.

Kayaking on the Caledonian Canal
Kayaking on the Caledonian Canal

360 Degree Trail

Previously known as the South Loch Ness Trail, this walk is for serious walkers or for those looking for a leisurely stroll. It starts moments away from the Abbey gates. Head for the Ardachy Road, but just stay on the path.

Near the start, you’ll see the world famous Loch Ness and in following the path there are some spots you can have a sit down just inches from the water. It is peaceful and calming and exhilarating all at once. Some beautiful wee spots for a picnic, there are spots with seclusion and spots in the open area. Take your pick!

For the more serious walkers, you can carry on up the path…and I mean “up”. This part is pretty steep in some parts so beware! You can make your walk as long or as short as you like. After all, it goes all the way to Inverness!

It’s not long before you have simply stunning views of the Abbey, Loch Ness, Fort Augustus and the Great Glen! A photographer’s dream area with the vibrant colours of the Scottish seasons and plantation.

Just don’t forget to come home before you go too far. Its so amazing it is easy to forget oneself and keep walking.

Loch Ness at sunset. Dream now, visit later.
Loch Ness at sunset. Dream now, visit later.

Dream Now, Visit Later

There are many, many more walks for locals and visitors around the village or you can drive to even more. Alt na Criche starts about one mile out of the village, or if you really like adventure the famous Ben Nevis is 50 minutes drive from here.

But while we are taking advantage of the many walks and hikes and their sights, we do not forget our task here at Highland Club Scotland. To make sure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable holiday you can. However, it is important that you are safe. This is why we are currently reviewing our cleaning and check in procedures to comply with the new, expected government guidelines.

Soon, we will be releasing up to date cleaning and check in processes to ensure our guests and our staff are as safe as possible from the spread of COVID19. This will be complete when we know the guidelines and advice from the government.

Our check in processes will change to that of being more safety and social distancing conscious, while our friendly, welcoming and informative check ins will remain firmly in place.

You can always be assured of our best attentions in bringing you to the Abbey we call home. We are proud to look after the largest range of properties with something for every requirement. Check out our properties here.

Dream now, visit later.

From the Highland Club Scotland Team