Big Changes for HCS in Loch Ness

Our First Blog In A While

We have now come to the end of an incredibly busy eight months at Highland Club Scotland and Loch Ness. Our short quiet period will soon change again though as we welcome guests to the Feis and mid term holiday makers. Hence the reason why there has been no blog. Its certainly not because we have no news because there is always something going on at our beautiful Abbey!

Our business has taken a massive step forward in our development while we continue to provide our normal high level of customer service.

Welcome to the Team!

November 2019 saw a new addition to the team; Elena Ioannou has joined Highland Club Scotland and our sister company Abbey Management Services as Company Director, bringing a host of new ideas and determination to continue bringing guests to the Abbey in Loch Ness!

Elena has a personal connection to the Abbey and has been settling into her new role better than anyone could expect.

We also welcome David and Michelle to the team as essential members of our housekeeping and maintainence team. They are both from the Central Belt of Scotland and have a love of the Highlands and walking outdoors. In a short period, they have proven themselves already to be worthy members of an already hardworking team.

Fèis Gleann Albainn

The Fèis is held in Fort Augustus every February and is a delightful music festival that often brings a magical buzz to the village as we approach Springtime!

Musicians provide music lessons in the local school and then head to the village pubs for live folk music sessions. We welcome musicians and their friends and family, and of course those who just come to enjoy the gigs!

I personally love a few pints and a chat with old and new friends with the steady live music in the background. Indeed, one of my favourite times of year at the Abbey!

The Abbey Food Market

Continuing from 2019, The Abbey Food Market, returns on Sunday 12th April and will run every second Sunday of the month until 11th October.

The Abbey Food Market allows guests, locals and staff to experience high quality produce from local farmers, butchers and fishmongers. You can find freshly pre-prepared meals from local chefs and liquors with a story.

See their FaceBook page here.

You can enjoy some cheese and much, much more, produced by local farmers!
You can enjoy some cheese and much, much more, produced by local farmers!


New Apartments

We are proud to announce two new and very different properties to our range at Highland Club Scotland.

Glen Affric Highland Club Scotland sits on the top floor of the large Chapel building built by the St Benedictine Monks. Within this prestigious apartment, there is original sandstone arches that once were the upper echelons of the Chapel.

The living room and the twin bedroom have a view to the hills of the South Side of Loch Ness, over the River Tarff. The kitchen is stylish and with all the equipment you would expect from this beautiful holiday home.

Additionally, the family bathroom has been given recent renovations resulting in a large shower cubicle complete with wet walls and a rain drop shower head. Showering in here is so relaxing it is difficult to leave. Only the promise of the amazing facilities and stunning countryside can sway you out!

Abbey Church 22 comfortable living room
Abbey Church 22 comfortable living room

Check it out here.

Inver is also a top floor apartment, however, it sits in the Raven Wing at the opposite end of the Abbey Church. This of course does not provide any less of a stunning view. In fact, Loch Ness is visible from the large patio window in the living room!

The Raven Wing was once the Science block in the days of the Abbey. It has undergone serious development since then with several beautiful holiday homes that will not break the bank.

This one bedroom apartment is perfect for couples looking for a romantic break, or for small families on budget holiday.

Inver is cosy and tastefully decorated throughout and is not to be missed.

You can see Inver by clicking here

A bright and spacious apartment. The large window offers a beautiful view
A bright and spacious apartment. The large window offers a beautiful view

Our Heated Swimming Pool

Shared heated swimming pool
Shared heated swimming pool

Guests here during certain holiday times will enjoy extended opening times during certain periods. Opening hours will be 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. The dates below will see the closing time extend to 9pm!

10 – 23 February

23 March – 19 April

8 – 11 May

25 May – 6 September

12 October – 1 November

21 – 23 December

27 – 30 December

These opening hours are an indication of the staff’s dedication to give you the most memorable experience here at Highland Club Scotland!


St Benedictine

The Monastery was originally built by St Benedict Monks so there is often talk of their work here and, of course, the name St Benedictine. But who was he and what is his significance to our unique and amazing home?

St Benedict was a famous religious figure around late 400 AD and founded twelve monasteries in Italy. Rumours of miracles he could perform ran around the country. Government officials would offer their sons as monks as St Benendict’s popularity grew. However, St Benedict did not want this attention and at one point lived in a cave as a hermit for 3 years.

A statue of St Benedict sits on the Clock Tower of the Old School here. You can see a raven sitting beside his left foot.

Legend tells us that a priest, jealous of St Benedict’s holiness, would poison the bread served at dinner time. Benedict had been feeding a raven with bread previously and sensing the priest’s betrayal, instructed the raven to take this particular bread and leave it out of harm’s way. Hence, the raven sits at St Benedict’s foot on the statue.

St Benedict school teachers now use this story to emphasise that by doing good and being charitable you will earn God’s favour.

The Old School building
The Old School building

Book Your Holiday With Us Now

Some of the items in here are best seen with your own eyes. We have availability for the whole year, but bookings are coming in fast and the Easter and Summer dates will quickly be spoken for, if our history is anything to go by.

If you would like advice on which property best suits your needs, then please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

Highland Club Scotland Team



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