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At The Highland Club, we pride ourselves on our range of facilities. We want you to enjoy your holiday, furthermore, we aim to bring you back.

The Highland Club facilities are, by design, to cater for everyone so we can offer our guests the most memorable holiday.

You can see photos of the facilities in our gallery – although, we don’t think they do it justice!

It is difficult to know where to start describing the Highland Club facilities, so we thought some advice would be a good place!

To see what we mean, scroll below and read on.

The Highland Club, Loch Ness and Fort Augustus
The Highland Club, Loch Ness and Fort Augustus
Adventure Playground facilities
Adventure Playground facilities

Bring your training shoes!

To the front of the Clock Tower, there is a plethora of outdoor facilities. This includes the tennis court, badminton court and football pitch in addition to the kids adventure playground.

The tennis court is operated by the Highland Club Management Company – book your slot here.

We almost forgot to mention the outdoor table tennis!

From the Clock Tower, you will find seclusion from Fort Augustus village, yet there is plenty of space to enjoy the outdoor facilities The Highland Club has to offer.

You can enjoy a game of tennis while the children are next door exploring the adventure playground. Or the adults can play the kids in a game of football!

If you are more sedate, you can enjoy sitting on the benches provided and watch the rest of your party use up their energy.

From here you can venture further into the Highland Club’s 20 acres of ground where you will find The Boat House Restaurant.

The Croquet and The Giant Chess 

If you walk towards Loch Ness, you will find the Monastery Gardens which include a croquet pitch and outdoor barbecue facilities. This is also where you can enjoy a relaxing game of boules and look out for Nessie!

When you enter the Abbey you will find your way to the Cloisters and Cloister Gardens. It is here you will see the Giant Chess Board, in addition to some seated benches to enjoy the fresh Scottish air.

The various sections of the Abbey surround the Cloister Gardens, which are the nucleus of the Abbey. We promise the fine architecture won’t disturb your game of chess or stop you reading your book for too long.

We often find our guests like to simply sit in the Cloister Garden and relax. Others immerse themselves in photographing the stunning architecture of the surrounding Cloisters.

From the Cloister Garden you can walk to the nearby Club Lounge, another integral part of the Highland Club facilities.


Giant Chess
Giant Chess
The Club Lounge, Highland Club Scotland
The Club Lounge, Highland Club Scotland

The Club Lounge

The peaceful and popular Club Lounge was at one time the monks’ refectory. This was where they would eat their meals and quietly pray.

It has been transformed into a relaxing and comfortable room. In addition to the full size snooker table and table football, there is a kids pool table. Guests can enjoy the choosing from the range of books and board games, or while away the hours with the free WiFi.

It can be used as a meeting room for friends or a place to Skype family. Additionally, you can bring in some wine or whisky for a quiet drink.

The Anta furniture is built for comfort and the stained glass windows adds to the authenticity.

The Fitness Studio

The fitness studio has all you need to stay fit during your holiday.

There is a treadmill and cross trainer in addition to the cycling and rowing machines. A multi-gym completes the studio for an all round fitness room.

You can find the gym at the bottom of the Abbey Church and outside the Courtyard Cottages.

The gym and the tennis court remain available free of charge and you can book your slots by clicking on here.


Free access to the gym
Free access to the gym


Heated swimming pool
Heated swimming pool


Further Facilities

The heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam at the Highland Club are beautifully designed and have views to the hills of South Loch Ness. An excellent place to spend some of your days at the Highland Club.

The swimming pool complex is operated by the facilities organisation, Highland Club Management Company. The swimming pool complex is outhwith the control of Highland Club Scotland and is seperate from your holiday rental.

Currently, Highland Club Management Company may require a small fee for the use of the swimming pool complex, while all other facilities remain available free of charge. For the time being, the tennis court and gym should be booked via the same link as the swimming pool.

You can book your slot by clicking on this link

We know The Highland Club offers something for everyone and we want to share it with you. Select your holiday apartment here, or use the search availability bar to define your holiday requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you!