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How green is this tourism business?

a beautiful environmentWe try - as we have for the last 20 years - to make our business, primarily self catering cottages on Loch Ness, as green as we can make it. Where it was brown, in some instances, we have made it green! but we cannott avoid the need for cars around Loch Ness. We are sometimes asked about public transport by people intending to take a holiday rental at the Highland Club but in most instances we advise that a car is the best way to get around.

Of course it would be a very good idea to bring bikes and mostly cycle during your stay - that is green. I guess it would be even greener to arrive at the abbey in a boat! There is a jetty but most people don't own a boat and if they had one good enough to sail up the Great Glen, they  probably wouldn't want a self catering apartment, but boats generally are seen as a environmentally friendly.

The Highland Club, being a renovated ancient building, is not as environmentally efficient as a modern building, with many planning restrictions placed on what we can and can't do to make it greener, so we have to admit to not being as green as we would like but as someone once said,
"better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness"  and with that in mind we do lots of other things to offset inefficiencies in other ways.  We, the authors of this site, have planted 90 acres of former agricultural land in the Great Glen with native trees.  We recycle, we use bio detergents and all that "small candle" stuff, but we draw you, the visitor to our lovely glen, to the scheme below. 

Voluntary Payback Scheme Helping the environmentOne organisation at Loch Ness (Destination Loch Ness Ltd.) has set up a scheme called Voluntary Payback Scheme,  I can't imagine who thought up that name!  Basically what it does is to raise funds from all sorts of places in order to create or maintain environmentally sound tourism projects, like cleaning up loch shores, building walking and cycling trails, creating picnic sites and generally taking on anything that helps improve the Loch Ness environment. What we do is make the opportunity available to you as visitors, to contribute in a very small way towards helping to keep Loch Ness beautiful by adding £1 to your accommodation bill.

 IT IS VOLUNTARY !  You just tick a box when you book online and that's it !  

Thank you so much - every penny is used locally on environmental projects.

Read more about the Voluntary Payback Scheme


Highland Club Scotland
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